As we head into the new year we are very excited about what the future holds. Here at ArtCon, Inc. we have a renewed sense of vigor and hope as we see signs of improvement in the economy. We have weathered the storm and managed to survive. We know that our dedication to detail and customer satisfaction is why we are still here and we thank all our loyal customers who we have had the opportunity to service over the past year. We hope to continue to create new raving fans and help our existing customers in every way possible. We are optimistic and excited for what will come our way in 2011.

We held our office Christmas party the other day and had a great time just sitting around and visiting (a nice break from the usual work discussions). Check out some of the pictures below:

With the incoming new year we are also launching our new website. We hope you enjoy it and find it easier to use.

Again, thank you to all our customers. We appreciate you and your business and we will continue to service you well into the future. Have a happy new year.


Nevada Contractors License

C-5 License #51391
bid limit $650,000
C-18 License #67903
bid limit $100,000

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