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What is Spray deck?

Spray Deck looks and works like what has been know as Cool Deck.

Spray Deck is textured concrete formulated with an epoxy resin mix.
Spray Deck makes for a super durable long lasting surface.
Spray Deck is most commonly used as a decorative overcoat or alternative to old dingy.


 Where is Spray deck used?

 Spray Deck can cover most concrete cracks 1/16 inch wide or less.
 Spray Deck is used to beautify new or existing concrete.
 Spray Deck is perfect for pool decks as it creates a non-skid surface.
 Spray Deck is used on sidewalks and heavy traffic areas.
 Spray Deck is much more cost effective than conventional solutions.



Spray Deck is cost effective.
Spray Deck is Durable and strengthens your concrete.

Spray Deck allows for fun and unique designs for your concrete
Spray Deck patterns and colors can always be easily changed


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