ArtCon Inc. is a team of highly motivated individuals, dedicated to the development and service of all hardscape products, characterized by superb customer service and 100% customer satisfaction. ArtCon Inc. has been doing business in the Las Vegas Valley for 17 years and has completed over 9000 jobs since its inception.

We pledge to go the extra mile and do what other companies won’t do for success in an honest and fair manner. We also pledge to provide a work environment free of drugs, rich in training, and employee development.

ArtCon inc. is a “MODEL OF EXCELLENCE” in our approach to accountability, responsibility, customer service, and in the results attained.

This is the ArtCon way. It is the only way! We are dedicated towards QUALITY.

Take a look around and see how we can help you with your concrete projects today! If you have questions, contact us with your inquiry or check out our FAQ page for answers.







Nevada Contractors License

C-5 License #51391
bid limit $650,000
C-18 License #67903
bid limit $100,000

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3021 Sheridan St., Suite 150
Las Vegas, NV 89102
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