BBQ’s and Fire Pits

BBQ islands take grilling and outdoor cooking to new levels with modern, stylish designs and super convenient features. They are the next evolution in grills. Their convenient features make grilling a breeze and allow you to do many things that you could never do with a regular stand-alone grill. The BBQ island is a relatively new product but it is already incredibly popular.

With built in BBQ grills you will never have to run back and forth between your grill and your indoor kitchen again. You can do all of your cooking, cleaning, and prepping right in your backyard.

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Fire Pits


There are many methods of constructing fire pits, but basic options are described here:

Pre-made fire pits are the most common form of fire pits and can be purchased from a store. These are made mostly of metal and can be either wood or gas burning. Unlike traditional fire pits, these fire pits are portable.

Assembled fire pits are different from pre-made fire pits and because they are built according to an individual’s wishes, these encompass a wider variety of styles and functions. Both stone and concrete fire pits are very heavy and are essentially locked in to wherever they are placed. Both gas and wood burning fire pits are seen as garden features these days. Whether you choose to purchase a pre-constructed fire pit; employ someone to build one in your garden, or make one yourself – all options present themselves to someone who desires a fire pit in their garden.

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