Small Patio Ideas

Even if you only have a small space, you can still entertain some small patio ideas. A patio doesn’t have to be large to be enjoyed! We all need a little outdoor space to get fresh air, relax and do other activities like grilling.

First you need to decide the shape of your patio. This may be very easy if your space is limited. If you have a larger yard, you can play a little more with the shape of your patio. Maybe you want to incorporate built-in planters or add a curved edge.

Best Patio Colors

As with any small space, lighter colors and patterns should always be used rather than dark colors and large patterns. The light colors or neutral colors will help make your space seem bigger. Carry the use of light colors when you are choosing your patio furniture. Light colored wood furniture or white wickers are excellent for a small patio.

To add some color to your patio, think of accent pieces such as planter, vases or decorative objects.

Patio Floor

Once you know how you want your patio to look, it is time to decide on which material you want to use to build it. There are lots of choices to fit every budget and artistic temperament. Bricks will give you a traditional feel, while pavers take that feeling and give it a little tweak.

Concrete was once the most boring of choices, but not anymore! Today, concrete can be dyed, stamped, stenciled, textured and decorated. Natural stone is a bit more pricy, but it makes an impressive patio. Another alternative is to combine materials.

Maybe mix brick with sections of concrete or stone tiles, for example. Be sure to choose an option that not only fits your budget, but complements your home. Alternatively, if you have an existing concrete patio that you’d like to fix up, decorative concrete overlays can be done to make it look like a brand new patio.


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